Monday, December 3, 2012

Links You Can Use: November 26-30

In this week's Links You Can Use, see how smoke-free environments have impacted the workplace, and how to deal with stress at work, especially at the onset of the busy holiday season. And in other news: do conflicts involving English-speaking ability and foreign accents constitute a diversity issue?

About 23 states (roughly half of the U.S. population) have smoke-free workplace laws, which some attribute to the recent decline in heart attacks. But some experts are saying it's not enough. (FOX News)

The economy is still undergoing some hardship, and the holiday season has just begun. So chances are many businesses are working harder with fewer resources. Check out these organizational tips to keep stress levels down among your workers. (Forbes)

From 1997 to 2011, workplace discrimination complaints based on national origin have risen by 76 percent. Some of these complaints are related to employers' complaints of workers speaking with a foreign accent or in a language other than English. (San Jose Mercury News)

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